Learn how business process automation can help your business

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016 8:53 AM
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    Learn how business process automation can help your business

    Businesses of every size these days are looking to increase their efficiency.

    With technology speeding ahead, there are more and more opportunities for companies to streamline their processes and gain an edge on their competition. With the rise of cloud services, enterprise mobility, and business analytics, companies can capture and leverage these tools to better serve their customers.

    But, many companies are unaware of what's available out there for them to use. AIIM, a non-profit that seeks to educate information management professionals, did a study titled "Process Improvement and Automation 2016". In this white paper, they surveyed business owners and found that:

    48% Of respondents say they’re vaguely familiar or have no clear understanding of Business Process Automation

    18% Say it's well understood

    45% Say it’s significant or imperative for their business

    58% Say “stuck-in-process” is the biggest operational problem

    64% Say that analytics and reporting are mandatory

    These numbers show that many businesses are aware of the importance of automating their processes but have difficulty understanding how it can directly affect them.

    Stickboy Creative [http://www.stickboycreative.com/], a Fort Myers-based software design company sought to address this with an ebook they created, "The C-Suite's Guide To: Business Process Automation". The ebook goes into the benefits of business process automation, as well as how to find opportunities as well as ideal solutions for nearly any company.

    The ebook compares off-the-shelf software as well as custom software, providing pros and cons for both, the goal of which to best educate the business owner looking to learn more about how to apply this technology.

    You can download your copy by [clicking here].

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