Southwest Florida Tech Firm Named to GrowFL 2014 Companies To Watch

  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014 9:12 AM
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    CPR Tools CEO John Benkert was sitting on our expert panel talking about the Digital Divide the other night and next thing I know I am reading about his Labelle, FL-based firm being names to the 2014 GrowFL Companies To Watch.

    There are many very interesting technology companies in Southwest Florida that don't get the attention they deserve and CPR Tools is a prime example. The data recovery and data security company helps companies and government agencies recover data from storage devices like phones, tablets, memory cards, hard drives, and more.

    Did you know that CPR Tools was one of the first data recovery firms in the world? Their innovations and processes give CPRA Tools a competitive edge and the Technology Partnership is proud to be building a relationship with John and his team of 30+ to help them flourish.

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